When You Succeed, We Succeed.

GMEET offers unmatched benefits to partners, to support and enable rapid growth and promote sustainable, long-term partnerships. 

Our goal is simple — together with our partners, we want to maximize the proliferation of GMEET’s unique combination of the most innovative video conferencing products and services available in the world today. Through our tight partnership, we will continue to redefine video conferencing and collaboration through our industry-leading strategy and offerings.

By participating in the GMEET Partner Program, a select network of resellers are able to partner with GMEET to effectively market, sell, install, configure and support GMEET products and solutions. Each GMEET partner will also have the opportunity to earn potentially lucrative benefits available under one of four partnership categories: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Service Providers &Telecom Carriers.


Each Gold, Silver and Bronze Partner must be capable of selling Lifesize subscription services to customers. While Lifesize permits a limited number of Gold Partners to purchase products and services directly from GMEET, known as Gold-Direct Partners, all other resellers must purchase products from a GMEET distributor who will determine the reseller’s discount level and other benefits. Gold Partners who purchase directly from GMEET must enter into a direct Reseller Agreement with GMEET. All other partners must complete the GMEET reseller registration process on the GMEET website, including selecting a distributor through which it will purchase GMEET products, and agree to promote GMEET products and services to customers.

Video conferencing service under your own brand for Service Providers and Telecom Carriers

GMEET is a top quality software product designed for service providers and telecom carriers that enables HD video conferencing for collaboration in workgroups, online meetings and distant learning for enterprises.

Using GMEET  Software license, Service Providers can offer SaaS web video conferencing to enterprise customers in a matter of days, under SP brand and billing, from SP data Center, with standard SLA, bundled with broadband internet access and/or data hosting.

GMEET white label software licensing program allows telcos and service providers to easily and quickly enter the video conferencing market without requiring up-front video conferencing infrastructure investments.

WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business (MS Lync), Cisco WebEx and other OTT services cut into telecom carriers’ and service providers’ revenues. Telcos are striving for subscriber retention and new customer acquisitions. Offering HD video conferencing as a SaaS under a telco’s brand and billing for enterprise customers can help telcos acquire new corporate subscribers, gain revenue and strengthen their brand.

Generate new revenue with GMEET

  • GMEET enables mass deployment of SaaS video conferencing at minimum costs over legacy video conferencing hardware:
  • Low CapEx – no major capital investment needed. GMEET Server software ports costs are a fraction of hardware systems costs
  • GMEET SaaS service scales easily to millions of end-points and allows to add participants anytime and optimize costs in ‘pay-as-you-grow’ scheme.
  • GMEET platform gives you an outstanding flexibility:
  • White label licensing – customize GMEET (including GUI) and provide service under your own brand and billing
  • Use GMEET Video conference either as a standalone service or integrate it into your product and enrich your offer to customers – GMEET Platform architecture enables easy integration with business applications, web-based services, datacenters, call center solutions, and more.

Our Partners

GMEET has Partners in Multiple Countries, including US, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa, France.

To find a partner in your area, please send an email to